The Information Technology Exchange is a 501(C) non profit organization that was launched to help people overcome obstacles that limited their access to technology. We accomplish our mission through several programs, each tailored to meet the needs of specific communities.

Individuals, families, people with disabilities or low incomes, non profits, schools and the general public can access our alternative and mainstream equipment, training and support services. This website makes many of these resources available 24/7 with the convenience of the Internet.

Do You Have a Technology Need That Doesn't Fit Your Budget?

Posted on Thu, 04/23/2015 - 13:12

TRISTAN WORTMAN            APRIL 23, 2015


BELFAST – We’ve all grown up hearing our mother say, “Lend your neighbor a cup of sugar” and I can personally say that there is a certain good feeling that ties into helping someone when they are in need. I can actually remember when my family was going through some tough times, and the community came together and helped in every way that they could. It’s safe to say that we are living in an age where most things cannot get done without the support and help from others in our community.

PCs for Maine, a program of Information Technology Exchange (ITE), envisions a world where all people can access affordable technology no matter their situation to achieve personal or professional goals. Our mission is to increase technology access and literacy for individuals, families, and nonprofits in order to discover opportunities for themselves and their families.

Starting at the beginning of May, PCs for Maine will be launching GIVE I.T. and GET I.T., an online program that gives nonprofits and individuals the opportunity to submit their stories where donors can see, read, and donate. Jodi Martin, Executive Director of ITE, developed this program to provide the opportunity where individuals can help each other. You can access the stories and bios at where you can choose the individual you wish to sponsor.

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Cubicles for Non-Profits!

Posted on Fri, 04/03/2015 - 15:17

Our partners at SKILLS Inc's eWaste Alternatives program have landed a big one for Maine nonprofits!

Over the next three months (until Mid-June) one of our premier commercial recycling customers and equipment donors is pulling 200 hundred modular office systems from service and has asked us to locate new homes for them at Maine nonprofits.

This large undertaking comes with some substantial costs, so to sustain the effort, these cubicles will be made available for a $200 per unit recovery fee.  They are Herman Miller A01 and A02 models, are in pristine condition and can be 'assembled' to suit almost any workplace requirement.  They also include power and cabling chase-ways so you can eliminate all the messy birdsnests of wires on your desks and floors.


Jodi Martin featured in Women of Distinction Magazine

Posted on Fri, 04/03/2015 - 15:14

Our Executive Director, Jodi Martin, was featured in a recent issue of the Women of Distinction magazine!

Maine Nonprofit Plans to Improve Libraries Across the State With $4,500 Grant

Posted on Thu, 03/26/2015 - 18:12

TRISTAN WORTMAN            MARCH 26, 2015


BELFAST, ME – The Maine Community Foundation has been serving donors and strengthening communities for over 100 years. It is their goal to help people invest in charitable resources in the future of Maine. The MCF’s most recent scholarship was a $4,500 grant to the nonprofit PC’s for Maine whose mission is to make technology more accessible and easy for ANYONE to use. Whether they are providing a computer for a single mother going through night school or technology for a public library, PCs for Maine is devoted to making Maine a better place to live.

Throughout the first couple years PC’s for Maine’s efforts have provided libraries throughout the state with computers so that the public can have access to the Internet and other programs offered from the comfort of their hometown library. What sets PC’s for Maine apart from the rest? They take great care in the quality of their computers while also offering extra programs such as Microsoft Office and Windows 8. These computers are programmed to reduce maintenance costs for the libraries while also providing the public with an easy-to-use experience.

PC’s for Maine is able to offer protection and assurance to libraries by creating a locked down public access machine. This prevents users from downloading any harmful viruses or applications that can clutter the computers and also blocks users from... Read More

Maine Nonprofit Introduces a Faster Way to Surf the Web, and You’re Invited

Posted on Wed, 03/25/2015 - 16:13

GWI, a telecommunication company based out of Biddeford, ME, supports businesses and nonprofit organizations to help reach goals through access to faster Internet. For you businesses, this means that it improves productivity, provides consumers with faster online shopping experiences, and offers a much larger reach geographically. For our non-business related readers this means that your Youtube videos will load at lightning speed.

For one of GWI’s non-profit customers, Information Technology Exchange (ITE) based in Belfast, has been using the services offered by GWI to increase productivity and ultimately provide affordable computers to consumers who need it. ITE’s mission is to increase technology access and literacy throughout Maine, and now they are doing it faster than ever.

ITE began in 2002 when founders Chris and Jodi Martin recognized two things; the first problem was that there is a majority of people that need access to reliable computers that are affordable. The second, but just as important, was for companies to recycle their electronic waste (eWaste) in a responsible way. Most people assume that businesses recycle their old computers, but in reality the most common way for large businesses is to ship it off to developing countries. Out of sight, out of mind right? This is why ITE was created.

ITE delivers their mission through their non-profit, PCs for Maine. With this program... Read More

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